How to Prepare for the Next Mosquito Season

If the itchy, red welts aren’t enough motivation to protect your home against mosquitos, then maybe this will: Mosquitos are known as one of the deadliest creatures on the planet in that they are primary disease carriers, including terrible mosquito-born illnesses like dengue and malaria. Protect you, your family, and your loved ones from mosquitos by preparing early to eradicate these little critters with a small bite but big effect.  

Eliminate Standing Water

Standing water breeds mosquitoes—literally. Unless you want swarms of mosquitoes during your family barbeque, you will want to eliminate any standing water around your home. This may include birdbaths and yard décor, broken gutters, flower pots, swimming pools, or potholes in the driveway, as well as pools of water around your yard.

If you are experiencing frequent flooding in your yard, it may be due to an easily-saturated subsoil. For example, clay and peat are types of subsoil that tends to absorb water and then expand, leading to increased pressure and flooding. In order to eliminate this problem, try soil correction. Soils like granite, asphalt, or conbit tend to drain easier, reducing excess moisture and puddles where mosquitos like to hang.    

Stock Up on Repellants

Personal repellants can be helpful protectants against mosquitos but, for better results, make sure you don’t forget to treat your whole yard with repellents as well. One great option is Thermacell. Thermacell works by releasing allethrin and can repel mosquitos in a 15-foot radius. If you want something a bit more concentrated, there are plenty of EPA-registered chemical sprays that you can use in your yard. However, if you aren’t as comfortable with harsh chemicals, you can always try mosquito repellent candles or lanterns.   

Get Air Moving

Air currents are great ways to disperse swarms of mosquitoes and keep them from ruining your outdoor gathering. A great way to create air currents are ceiling fans. Not only are outdoor ceiling fans helpful in keeping everyone cool during the warm months, but they can control your blood-sucking pest population by scattering the little critters. After all, the wind current requires that mosquitos spend greater amounts of energy flying against the current, depleting their ability to literally get under your skin.

As you prepare for the next mosquito season, don’t forget to eradicate excess water, apply mosquito repellants in your yard, and get your patio air circulating. Doing so will ensure that these little bugs won’t ruin your time outside with family and friends, as well as protect you from harmful mosquito-borne diseases.

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