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Our Story

A local, family owned and operated business located in Iowa City, IA providing professional residential and commercial pest solutions as well as real estate inspections.

D&R Pest Control has been in business since 2008. With over 35 years of experience in the pest control industry, D&R is committed to protecting your most valuable assets. Award winning and accreditations with many local and national organizations, we take pride in the service we provide. Taking a pro-active approach to our services and practicing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) allows us to stay ahead of the pests. Tony is excited to work along side his family and the best team members the industry can offer. Striving daily to ensure we can provide you with the quickest, safest, and most effective care for your family, and your home and business. We want to thank all of our current and future clients for their business.

Our Story


Tony A. Gray

Owner / Certified Pest Professional
Home Town: San Diego, CA
Hobbies: Hammock camping, fishing, golfing and working out
Fun Fact: Tony earned his Class A CDL and has driven “big rigs” all over the country at the ripe age of 21. He has been a frequent volunteer mentoring local youth at The Spot on the south side of Iowa City since 2014.

Angela Gray

Owner / CEO
Home Town: Oskaloosa, IA
Hobbies: When Angela is not hard at work she is spending time with family and friends. She enjoys a good book and specialty coffee.
Fun Fact: Angela has served in the military for 10 years and has completed hand to hand combat courses. She has also earned a sharp shooter ranking for marksmanship.

Tony Gray Sr.

Certified Pest Professional & Southern Iowa Branch Specialist
Home Town: Cedar, IA
Hobbies: Loves to play the drums/music
Fun Fact: Tony enjoys doing disaster clean up and learning new things everyday. He is also the Father to the Owner. Working with his Son has been a great privilege for them both.

Brad Sterner

Certified Pest Professional
Home Town: West Liberty, IA
Hobbies: Golf, walking his dog, traveling
Fun Fact: Brad is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan and after 10 years of playing golf he made his first hole in one!

Josh Wickenkamp

Certified Pest Professional
Home Town: Sigourney, IA
Hobbies: Josh loves to hunt, fish and anything outdoors
Fun Fact: Josh loves to take broken pieces of equipment and other items and bring them back to life.

Jacob Bauwens

Certified Pest Professional
Home Town: Iowa City, IA
Hobbies: Loves to hunt and spend time with his family and friends
Fun Fact: He has been known to be very good at foosball!

Josh Knudson

Certified Pest Professional
Home Town: Lisbon, IA
Hobbies: Hiking, gongoozling, video gaming and fishing
Fun Fact: The first time Josh was visiting the Great Barrier Reef, a blue bottle jellyfish wrapped itself around his arm from his hand to his shoulder. It is about as painful as you might expect!

Melena Hicks

Certified Lead Pest Inspector
Home Town: Iowa City, IA
Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends.
Fun Fact: Was a certified Esthetician. Melena loves cars and fast ones at that.

Daniel Dirst

Certified Pest Professional
Home Town: Peoria, IL
Hobbies: Canoeing, bicycling, backing and anything outdoors!
Fun Fact: Daniel hiked the entire Appalachian trail in 2016. He enjoys making his own camping gear from scratch. He likes to take photos of his adventures and he has sold his art to many different buyers all over the world.

Mary Bunting

Route Coordinator / Office Manager
Home Town: Kansas City, MO
Hobbies: Crafting and Traveling
Fun Fact: She has traveled to many countries. She has three sons and two dogs. She loves to shop and hang out with friends.

Reza Kazerani

Route Coordinator / Account Specialist
Home Town: Coralville, IA
Hobbies: Video Gaming
Fun Fact: Reza likes to bake. Reza also likes to have game nights with friends.

Ben Tjaden

Certified Pest Professional
Home Town: Monticello, IA
Hobbies: Loves to watch NBA and Spending time with friends
Fun Fact: Has been a Los Angeles Lakers fan since he was 10 years old, He loves books and watching scary movies

Thanny Krueger

Administrative Officer
Home Town: Jacksonville, FL
Hobbies: Shopping and baking
Fun Fact: Loves to visit her family in the Philippines. She has made several wedding and birthday cakes.
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