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    Bed Bug Identification Cedar Rapids

    Bed Bug Identification That Truly WORKS

    Bed bugs have become a particularly hated pest and are now very widespread throughout much of the nation. If you’re worried about the danger of these pests, you need to utilize the best bed bug identification guide Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer. These tips will give you the insight that you need to understand better where bed bugs hide and will ensure that things go smoothly for you.

    Start By Examining Bite Marks

    When bed bugs move into a person’s house, they will feast on their blood while they sleep. This macabre – and frankly, quite creepy – eating habit is possible because they use a numbing agent when they bite to make sure people don’t wake up. This evolutionary advantage makes bed bug identification hard because people may not even notice their bites for days or even weeks after they occur.

    As a result, you need to carefully examine yourself or those around you if you believe bed bugs have invaded your home. Their bites are typically quite small but should be visible. Often, they resemble minor rashes or pimples rather than a bite. Though they might cause a small amount of pain, they typically don’t cause any severe agony and should be quite easy from which to recover.
    Just as importantly, you need to examine a person’s bed if you see bites on their skin. The bed might have small rusty or reddish stains underneath the sheets or blankets. These stains occur when bed bugs – particularly those full of blood – are crushed beneath the sleeping person’s body. If you spot these signs, it is time to expand your range to look for where the bed bugs might be living.

    Check for Signs of Habitation

    Bed bugs like to live no more than 5-10 feet from their victims, which makes it easier to find them than you might think. For example, you might be able to locate signs of bed bugs near a bed or a couch. These signs often include fecal matter left behind by the bed bugs, shed skin – about one millimeter wide – and much more. These signs give a pretty good idea of where bed bugs are hiding.

    However, you need to make sure that you look through the whole room to find the possible bed bug hiding areas. Remember: bed bugs are very small and don’t like moving that far away from their feeding source. Some might live right underneath a bed. Others might live in small cracks near the bed, such as around the floorboards and other spots. As a result, you need to be focused in your search.

    Pay particular attention to the furniture in a home, as bed bugs often live under cushions or in small cracks in the structure of the furniture. You are very likely to spot them in many rooms of a house because they will expand to find new feeding ground. As a result, you cannot focus just on one bedroom but must use bed bug identification procedures everywhere a person may sleep, like the living room.

    Possible Hiding Spots

    After you have noted where bed bugs feed in your home, it is essential to use bed bug identification guidelines to find out where they are hiding. In many cases, these pests can be hard to find but aren’t that clever. They are usually only challenging to spot because of their small size and their ability to get into small areas. However, they don’t put a lot of work into this and usually live in the first spot they find.

    As a result, you should look into seams on couches, chairs, and other pieces of furniture. Look under cushions, in the folds of curtains, in nearby drawers, in small cracks of the floor, at junctions of the room’s design, and anywhere else that could hold a bug no more significant than the head of a pin. Typically, they are going to be as near the bed or sleeping area as possible to improve their feeding chances.

    So start with the bed and then move outward throughout the room. You need to check every conceivable area where the bugs might hide, even if they don’t seem to make much sense. You’d be surprised at the weird places bed bugs have made their home. Some people have found them in the heads of a screw attached to a television or other strange spots that aren’t immediately obvious.

    Working With Pest Professionals

    If you believe that you need help with bed bug identification in your home, it is crucial to know when to work with high-quality professionals to get the necessary help to find each bed bug hiding spot. These experts can come to your home and will identify all of the different areas where bed bugs are hiding. Then, they can apply a variety of care options to ensure that you destroy them.
    Often, these care options include focused treatment options in rooms where the bed bugs have invaded. A home-wide spread isn’t always necessary, here, because bed bugs are rarely found in places like bathrooms or kitchens. However, if anybody naps on your living room couch, you may need to treat this area because bed bugs will even settle here to attack these individuals.

    Most care options should take no more than a day or two to finish and rarely require you to leave home altogether. That said, there may be times when you have to go elsewhere because bed bugs have invaded your whole house. Talk to your insurance company about this situation to see if they’ll help. While it might not seem likely, some homeowner insurance options will cover temporary relocation.

    Need Help With Bed Bug Identification?

    If you are struggling with bed bugs and need the best bed bug identification services Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer, contact us at D&R Pest Control right away! Our experts have years of experience identifying bed bugs and know how to eliminate them quickly and efficiently. We can also provide your home with a barrier to ensure that no other bed bugs invade.

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