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    Commercial Exterminators Cedar Rapids


    Critical Evaluation Steps to Take When Finding Commercial Exterminators

    Not all commercial exterminators in Cedar Rapids, Iowa are made equal. Many are very high-quality professionals who have years of experience and who can provide high-quality treatment. Others are less successful. As a result, it is crucial to consider a variety of factors before choosing someone to treat your business. Doing so ensures that you minimize any potential risks.

    Talk to the Government About Potential Issues

    Before you start working with any commercial exterminators, it is vital to research the names of a few companies with whom you may want to work. In many situations, these businesses may have concerns that have been reported to the EPA and which you need to take into account. These problems may also have been reported to the State Attorney General’s Office of the Department of Agriculture.

    Typically, problems with exterminators consist of a past misuse of pesticides. For example, they may have added too much pesticide in one treatment or even used the wrong kind. This problem is one that does occur from time to time with pest control experts and must be adequately treated. However, you also need to use common sense when working through these types of complaints properly.

    For example, a beginning company may have made a mistake early in their career that they have never repeated. One mistake doesn’t necessarily make a company worth avoiding. However, the nature of the error is essential to take into mind. If the result was catastrophic, then it might be best to go elsewhere. And you should take multiple complaints as a sign of general incompetence.

    Don’t Hesitate to Ask for References

    Next, you need to talk to the commercial exterminators who you want to utilize and ask them about their references from the past. In essence, you want to find professionals who can suit your needs by seeking out what people have said about them in the past. If they are worth your time, you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding people willing to say that they are great at their job.

    For example, they should have a list of people whom you can contact who will give you an insight into their care specialty. These people should be those who have worked with them in the past or who have experienced similar treatment situations. Often, their websites may have testimony areas, but these usually cherry-pick the best statements and hide negative reviews.

    Just as critically, you need to make sure that they have at least one licensed commercial pesticide applicator which works for them. Licenses are essential, and most states require at least one licensed expert. If you find that they are shady about their licenses or promise to show them and never deliver, you may have found an unlicensed operation. Report them to the proper authorities and hire someone else.

    Ask About the Pesticides Used

    Lastly, it is essential to talk to your commercial exterminators about the pesticides that they use for their treatments. Be wary of anybody who suggests that they have a “secret formula” that somehow makes their options better than others: this is an outright lie. All chemical treatments are carefully registered with the U.S. EPA and controlled, so they cannot use any secret ingredients.

    As they list off any treatments that they utilize, make sure that you also pay attention to any that may be problematic for your facility. For example, you may find that chemicals in some pesticides may trigger allergic reactions in certain people. Read through the warnings of all of these treatments before you choose one and ask the exterminator about any less potent care options.
    Critically, you also need to make sure that you never work with someone who says that they have “leftover” items from a past treatment and that they can offer you a discount if you get care right away. This type of talk is usually that of a scam artist and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Real exterminators don’t carry around leftover materials or reuse them by disposing of them properly and safely.

    Pay Attention to “Package Deals”

    commercial exterminators often offer a variety of different deals that help you save money. For example, they may provide a reduced price if you schedule multiple treatments instead of getting just one. They also try to package medications, such as doing a ground floor as well as the top floor of a home. However, they typically make sure that their package deals make sense.

    For example, they typically won’t offer, say, pest treatment along with tree trimming. They also rarely provide home improvement help to make a home stronger. In fact, it is fair to say that they never offer these options. Why is that? Pest control experts usually don’t have the kind of training necessary to manage those tasks. And those professionals who focus on tree trimming and repair typically don’t know extermination.

    This situation is, as you might expect, a potential scam. Ask yourself if what s offered makes sense when looking at the package deals offered by exterminators. In most cases, they should consist of several treatments or multiple applications, not outside extras that shouldn’t be handled by a pest exterminator. Turn anyone away who offers these deals and consider reporting them. Doing so could help to save somebody in your neighborhood from a serious scam. Make sure that you talk to both legal professionals and those at the Better Business Bureau. They may have even gotten complaints about this person in the past and will need your help to find them.

    Reach Out to Us to Learn More

    As you can see, finding the best commercial exterminators Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer is a process that must be taken seriously. So if you are concerned about getting great results and want to ensure things go smoothly, please contact us at D & R Pest Control right away to learn more. Our experts have years of experience and will do what it takes to ensure that things go smoothly for you and your treatments.

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