Backyard Maintenance You Shouldn’t Be Neglecting

Your backyard should be a place for enjoying the outdoors and spending time with your friends and family. And while you may not want to think about maintaining it, it is that maintenance that will help you to enjoy your backyard space even more. If you put together a maintenance schedule for your backyard, you can help it to always look its best. Some tasks should be done seasonally while other things can be done once a month or more regularly. Make things easy on yourself and take care of backyard maintenance regularly so you don’t get overwhelmed by a ton of work each spring. 

Stay Up on Pest Control 

Dealing with pests is one of the most difficult and frustrating parts of maintaining your backyard, but it is something you need to deal with. No one wants to have pests in the yard, so if you notice something starting up, you should take care of it as quickly as possible. There are many different kinds of pests that can overtake your yard and the pest control tactics to take care of them are varied as well. With some pests you can deal with the issue on your own while other pests require professional intervention. 

If you think your pest problem is larger than you can deal with on your own, it’s important to call in the experts. They can help you to make sure that your needs are met and get your pest problem under control. It’s better to start earlier rather than later so the pest problem doesn’t grow too large. 

Keep Your Trees Trimmed 

It’s also important to make sure that you are taking care of the plant life that makes your backyard great. That means tree trimming is essential to making sure that your backyard is as beautiful and safe as possible. Trees provide your yard with shade and comfort during the hot days. They also add greenery and beauty to any backyard space. However, if your greenery gets out of control it can actually be dangerous. 

Trimming your trees will help you to prevent many potential problems. If you have branches overhanging in your neighbor’s yard, it can lead to disputes. Tree branches that get into the power lines can cause electrical problems and trees that lean over your roof can cause damage that is difficult to repair. Trim your trees regularly to avoid these issues. 

Protect Your Furniture 

The furniture you have in your backyard takes more from the elements than indoor furniture ever has to deal with. So it is important that your furniture is well-maintained so it can continue functioning. If you have wood furniture outside, you need to make sure it isn’t left out in the sun constantly. Leaving wood in the sun can cause it to dry out and crack which is a major problem that you need to deal with. It’s better to leave it out of the sun and do regular maintenance. 

Other bits of furniture may need different kinds of care, so it is important to make sure that you do what needs to be done to keep all your furniture in good shape. 

Care for your Lawn 

The grass is probably one of the most used areas in your backyard, so it is important that you care for it properly. Lawn care spans a huge range of tasks that can feel overwhelming but are actually pretty simple. Mowing and watering are the most important tasks, so you should make sure to do them regularly, especially during the summer months. 

You may also want to mulch and seed your lawn from time to time. This can help you to get grass growing and to get rid of areas of your lawn that are patchy or missing grass. Lawncare can be done on your own for the most part, but if you’d rather hire a professional, they can get the job done much more efficiently. 

Clean the Space 

You can’t keep your backyard in good condition if you are always letting it get into disarray. Cleaning your backyard is a huge part of keeping it well maintained on a regular basis. Leaving items on your lawn can cause the grass underneath to die. And other backyard messes can be equally problematic. It’s generally a good idea to make sure that your backyard is clean and clear of debris

This often means making sure that everything in your yard has a place. This can be a shed or another storage device that makes it easier to keep things organized. It’s also important to make sure that you clean up any time there is a storm or other event that can bring a mess to your yard. Doing a big clean at the beginning of each season can make maintenance easier for the rest of the year. 

Work in Your Garden 

The garden in your backyard is what can add the most beauty and function to your outdoor space. Whether you have a flower garden or a vegetable garden it is important to give it the care it needs. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you choose a difficulty level that you are comfortable with. Start small with your garden so you can get used to the care it requires and then you can move on to doing more interesting and adventurous things in your backyard. Growing one or two kinds of veggies your first year with a garden can be a great way to get things started easily and effectively. 

Your backyard should be a space that you can enjoy and use to the fullest. But you can’t reap the rewards of your yard if you aren’t willing to put in the work to make it happen. Every yard has different needs, but these tips are a great starting point. Then you can focus on adding new elements so you can enjoy your yard even more. Many people even learn to love the maintenance in the process.

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How to Prepare for the Next Mosquito Season

If the itchy, red welts aren’t enough motivation to protect your home against mosquitos, then maybe this will: Mosquitos are known as one of the deadliest creatures on the planet in that they are primary disease carriers, including terrible mosquito-born illnesses like dengue and malaria. Protect you, your family, and your loved ones from mosquitos by preparing early to eradicate these little critters with a small bite but big effect.  

Eliminate Standing Water

Standing water breeds mosquitoes—literally. Unless you want swarms of mosquitoes during your family barbeque, you will want to eliminate any standing water around your home. This may include birdbaths and yard décor, broken gutters, flower pots, swimming pools, or potholes in the driveway, as well as pools of water around your yard.

If you are experiencing frequent flooding in your yard, it may be due to an easily-saturated subsoil. For example, clay and peat are types of subsoil that tends to absorb water and then expand, leading to increased pressure and flooding. In order to eliminate this problem, try soil correction. Soils like granite, asphalt, or conbit tend to drain easier, reducing excess moisture and puddles where mosquitos like to hang.    

Stock Up on Repellants

Personal repellants can be helpful protectants against mosquitos but, for better results, make sure you don’t forget to treat your whole yard with repellents as well. One great option is Thermacell. Thermacell works by releasing allethrin and can repel mosquitos in a 15-foot radius. If you want something a bit more concentrated, there are plenty of EPA-registered chemical sprays that you can use in your yard. However, if you aren’t as comfortable with harsh chemicals, you can always try mosquito repellent candles or lanterns.   

Get Air Moving

Air currents are great ways to disperse swarms of mosquitoes and keep them from ruining your outdoor gathering. A great way to create air currents are ceiling fans. Not only are outdoor ceiling fans helpful in keeping everyone cool during the warm months, but they can control your blood-sucking pest population by scattering the little critters. After all, the wind current requires that mosquitos spend greater amounts of energy flying against the current, depleting their ability to literally get under your skin.

As you prepare for the next mosquito season, don’t forget to eradicate excess water, apply mosquito repellants in your yard, and get your patio air circulating. Doing so will ensure that these little bugs won’t ruin your time outside with family and friends, as well as protect you from harmful mosquito-borne diseases.

If you are worried about mosquitoes or other pests, let us help you!

Ants and Termites: A Major Residential Pest Control Issue

When ants and termites invade your home, you’re going to experience an extensive range of problems that the best residential pest control in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa, can help manage. Without professional help, there’s a good chance that your home and your health could be affected by these pests. As a result, it is crucial to understand how these pests operate and the different steps you need to take to ensure that they don’t cause complications with your healthcare needs.

Why Ants Are An Issue

Ants may not seem like as big of a problem as termites or even cockroaches but can be just as problematic. First of all, many ants can cause damage to your home. Typically, this type of damage comes in the form of wood being destroyed by carpenter ants. These ants eat wood and can burrow through a large variety of different areas and cause your home to become unbalanced and unsafe.

Beyond that, ants can be a health danger in ways that you may not anticipate. While ants don’t spread diseases the ways that cockroaches and other types of pests do, they do like to bite and sting homeowners. As very fearless and territorial creatures, ants will bite humans even though they are about to die. And while not poisonous, some people may react to these bites in upsetting ways.

Some may develop nausea, stomach cramps, and swelling when some fire ants sting them. These red ants possess a mild but upsetting poison that is usually not too hard to tolerate once the initial pain disappears. But those who are allergic to these stings may find themselves in a dangerous situation that residential pest control in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, can help manage with little difficulty.

How Termites Impact Your Home

The most apparent impact termites have on a home is their destructive potential. Termites spread like a plague and cause damage to wooden structures that can cause your home to become unbalanced and unsafe. For example, destruction to your wooden support beams in the foundation of a house may cause issues that high-quality residential pest control agents could help prevent with proper care.

However, the problems with termites don’t end with their wood-eating habits. Few people see termites in their homes most of the time and don’t realize that they can be quite aggressive. Soldier termites – large insects with an oversized head – are bold and defensive and will bite humans, triggering swelling, burning, and other symptoms similar to that of most types of ants.

Some may develop allergies to these termite bites that may be quite dangerous. Even worse, some may become allergic to termite waste and suffer asthmatic reactions and other issues. And they may develop rashes on the skin that can be persistent and quite painful to tolerate. Thankfully, residential pest control in Iowa City, Iowa, can help manage this concern and keep a home safer.

Reasons Why Professional Help is Crucial

Homeowners who suffer from ants and termites may try to handle them with DIY pest control. This step is a mistake because there are so many downsides to this approach. For example, homeowners may not correctly apply their treatments and trigger various issues that make it less effective. Others may even cause damage to their home or themselves without proper residential pest control help.

Therefore, it is essential to get expert help right away to get rid of these pests. They can provide high-quality and detailed treatment that considers the structure of a home and its overall size and shape. These professionals also have access to care options that homeowners do not, such as various pesticides, that can be more effective when managing the spread of these problematic creatures.

Thankfully, these residential pest control experts can provide a myriad of expert treatments that keep a home safe. For example, a termite tent can go over a house and safely distribute various pesticides to avoid damage to a home. In many cases, ant control has a similar approach but often focuses on getting rid of the queen to improve the success rate of these various treatments.

Are You Sick of Pests?

As you can see, the best residential pest control Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa, have to offer can give your home the high-quality look and style that it needs to stay healthy and secure for years to come. So if you’re struggling with any type of pest and want to make sure that you can get them out of your home, please contact us at D & R Pest Control right away to learn more. Our experts will set up a high-quality treatment session that will ensure you get the care needed for your home and its pest issues.

3 Factors Out of Your Control That Contribute to the Need for Pest Control

Pest control serves an important role in the lives of most Americans; yet, we often fail to consider the role that its service plays in our communities. Pest control is essential for maintaining community cleanliness because it can effectively deter or kill disease-carrying rodents and insects. Looking to the future, it seems like pest control as an industry will only continue to grow. This article will go into a few of the factors that contribute to this projected and necessary growth.


No matter where you live, weather can sometimes be unpredictable. Whether a given year brings unexpected torrents of spring rain or an early winter, these changes affect pest populations. Even though you may feel tempted to ease off regulating bug populations around your home during the winter, a failure to do so during changing weather conditions can result in unanticipated pest surges. Often, the only reliable way to truly keep pests at bay is by using pest control during the winter as well as during warmer months of the year.

Urban Sprawl

Urban sprawl, the development, and expansion of urban areas, often brings with it expanded habitats for bugs, rodents, and other pests. Because of this, urban sprawl is credited as being part of the reason for the anticipated increase in the projected market value of pest control. Undoubtedly, urban areas will continue to expand as demand for comfortable living environments grows. As people move into these areas, they expect a high level of cleanliness and comfort—leaving no room for pests in neighborhood parks and along pedestrian sidewalks.

Climate Change

As the climate continues to change, insect populations are more pronouncedly affected than other populations. Because insects’ bodies change with the temperature, populations of certain species can result in huge population growths and shrinkages. When a population of insects grows suddenly, the crops that the insects feed on are often unable to respond. Because these swings in the population are often unpredictable, pest control is often the only way to truly regulate insect populations.

Pest control is a booming industry—as urban areas continue to develop and as our climate continues to change, we will only see increases in the need for pest control in the future. Add in local weather changes and it seems nearly impossible to regulate pest populations without pest control. Responding to this demand, the industry is continuously adapting to reach new geographic regions as well as to provide new clean environmentally-friendly options to customers.

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Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite! How To Handle A Bed Bug Infestation

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite! As a child, you might have thought this was just a silly rhyme. You might have even thought that bed bugs weren’t real. Be assured, they are very real, if they infest your home, you are in for a miserable night. Here’s how you can handle their intrusions.


The best time to stop a bed bug infestation is before it starts. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The most important prevention measure is cleanliness. Bugs thrive in dirty places, so make your home as clean as possible. Regularly change your sheets, vacuum/wash the floors, and keep things tidy. Next, make it difficult for the bugs to enter. Patch holes in the wall. Even if they don’t lead outside, holes in the walls give bed bugs a great place to live. Inspect your windows for cracks in the caulking. Seal up any that you find.


If you discover signs of bedbugs in your home, take action immediately. Bed bugs can lay hundreds of tiny eggs the size of dust specks. They reproduce three times a year. Any delay can lead to things getting out of control quickly. Your first step is to strip your bed, curtains, clothing, and wash it all. Then scrub your mattress with a dry stiff brush and then vacuum it immediately. Vacuum the floors, clean up clutter. Get tightly woven covers for your mattress and box springs.


Bed bugs are attracted to humans and may leave bites that require medical attention. If you are experiencing an infestation, contact your doctor. Keep him/her updated if you start developing any abnormal symptoms. Be aware that bed bugs can survive up to a year without feeding. You should keep a case on your mattress for at least that long, if not longer. You may wish to consider getting a new bed and mattress altogether. If your best efforts are failing, you may need to reach out to a professional pest control company. These professionals can lay down poisons that will kill the offending bugs.

A bed bug infestation is no laughing matter. Your sleep is very important, and you will not rest well as long as those pests are around. Fortunately, prevention is mostly a matter of regular cleaning and home maintenance. Treatment can quickly stifle the infestation if you act immediately. Do if the bugs come biting, don’t hesitate — jump into action and wipe them out.

Roaches in Your Restaurant: Commercial Pest Control is Vital

Cockroaches have a nasty habit of making their way into restaurants and causing many types of problems for you and your customers. As a result, the best commercial pest control in Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City, Iowa may be necessary. By working with companies likes us at D & R Pest Control, you can avoid many problems. These issues include the concerns mentioned below. Suffice to say, roaches have no place in your restaurant and need to be taken out as soon as possible.

Roaches Carry Diseases

Cockroaches are nasty creatures that often naturally carry a large number of different diseases. For example, they may be coated with various types of Salmonella. When they get into your food supplies, they’ll leave behind these diseases and potentially spread them to your customers. However, that isn’t the only disease that these creatures may spread when they invade a kitchen.

For example, roaches have been found to potentially spread Typhoid, a severe disease that could kill those who catch it. And even poliomyelitis, a bacteria that causes Polio, has been found in some roaches. On a less severe scale, cockroaches can also spread Dysentery, a disease that can cause extreme nausea and diarrhea, and which may also trigger excessive bleeding in many orifices.

Thankfully, commercial pest control can manage this problem. These experts will come to your restaurant, discover where the roaches are living, and then destroy them as completely as possible. You may have to call in a cleaner who can get rid of the residue and dust left by the roaches. Doing so will ensure that you don’t run into any health complications later on down the road. Yes, this step can be annoying and may cost you money but is ultimately more than worth the time and cash you spend on it.

Some Customers May Have Allergies

Even if your roaches somehow – miraculously – do not have severe diseases on and in their bodies, there’s a good chance that your customers will potentially still get sick. That’s because roaches have a terrible tendency to trigger allergic reactions. Though there aren’t a lot of people allergic to cockroaches, those who are may experience very severe reactions that could be very life-threatening when they occur.

And those who do not have allergies may still react to roaches. How? Cockroaches leave behind a large amount of dander, such as shed skins, wings, eaten food, and fecal matter. When this debris gets stirred up in your restaurant, it can create a gross cloud that may trigger asthma attacks or other eating problems. And if there are diseases in the matter, you can anticipate even more severe problems.

Therefore, commercial pest control is necessary. As with the previous problem, you’ll also need high-quality cleaning to get rid of all of this debris. However, you may need to get professionals to dig deep within your walls and in other areas to locate problematic issues. In this way, you can ensure that you get the most out of your treatments and can protect your customers and employees. Though you may end up spending more cash in this way, you’ll ultimately save your restaurant a lot of serious concerns.

Visible Roaches Will Ruin Your Reputation

Just think about what will happen to your restaurant if roaches move from the back of your business and into the dining area. Would you want to go to a restaurant where you saw a single cockroach even one time? Of course not: people expect that their restaurants are clean and don’t have pest invasions. The fact that so many do is well hidden but not if you let roaches spread rampantly through your facility.

Now, think about your reputation if somebody sees a roach and tells their friend. That friend will tell their friends. And those friends will tell others and so on. Even if you take care of the situation and manage the roaches fully, your reputation may never fully mend with some people. As a result, you can anticipate a surprisingly high level of a financial loss if cockroaches become a persistent enough issue.

Therefore, commercial pest control is crucial for your restaurant. You can’t take the chance that anybody besides a chef or a waiter or waitress sees a roach. Letting customers see a cockroach is basically like signing your death warrant and your bankruptcy declaration as a restaurant. So call professionals the moment you see a roach and let them take care of the situation. Doing so will protect you in ways that you may not even anticipate.

Health Inspections May Close You Down

Lastly, you need commercial pest control to ensure that you don’t run into any health code violations. As previously mentioned, roaches are very unhealthy and unsafe pests to tolerate in a business. When they spread rapidly enough throughout your building, they can end up becoming something that health inspectors notice. And when they do, you’re going to get quite a few violations slapped on you.

And as mentioned in the previous section, your reputation will take a hit. Health inspectors will be less likely to give you the benefit of the doubt and may perform more frequent inspections on you. And if you experience enough violations, they may end up trying to close you down for good. They can take this step if they find that you have committed too many violations and will try to protect the public by taking away your operational license.

And forget trying to open up another restaurant after this happens. While it may be possible for you to get a license again, you may have to pay substantial fees or prove to them that you’ve learned your lesson. They may even just deny you because they find that they cannot trust you. Therefore, you need to avoid this potential by merely taking care of cockroaches the moment you see them. Doing so is a great way to ensure that you are protected and safe.

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As you can see, commercial pest control in Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City, Iowa is a critical part of keeping your restaurant safe and healthy. You can’t let your customers or your employees down by not hiring the most excellent company that you can find. That’s where we at D & R Pest Control come into play. Our experts have years of experience in their field and know how to transform your restaurant into a clean area free of roaches. So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to learn more about our processes.

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